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  1. We run #FreeWeb4SDGs as a voluntary cause and we have seeking for writers and columnist who would help in writing articles for our blog section.
  2. It is a voluntary commitment and so non-stipendiary, but a show of commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Every articles written must be original to the writer and must not have been published somewhere else.
  4. The copyright ownership of an article we publish belongs to #FreeWebSDGs/The Writer.
  5. The writer may choose to write on any subject of interest.
  6. We may also ask writer to write on any news making the headlines like UN Commemorative Days, SDG Awards, SDG Events, Conferences and Programmes.
  7. An article published in our blog may not be published elsewhere but reference could be made to the article already published by us.
  8. A writer has the right to withdraw his/her working with us at any time without prejudice but the articles already written and published will remain on our platform.
  9. We may insert adverts in an article for the sole purpose of raising funds for the maintenance of the #FreeWeb4SDGs platform.

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