Terms & Conditions (Sample)

  1. This offer is limited to applicants from African countries.
  2. The applicant’s social venture, initiative or organisation must address at least one of the goals on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Further details here > Briefs on SDGs.
  3. This offer is being made without prejudice and we reserve the right to approve or reject an application, based on our objectives.
  4. We will not enter into any form of communication with any applicant during the pre-qualification assessment.
  5. The burden of proof to make the pre-qualification a success lies with the applicant.
  6. If an application is rejected, an applicant can re-apply 3 months later for re-consideration.
  7. All applicants will be subscribed to our newsletter for updates on our operations.
After Approval
  1. After approval, every organisation will be sent a form to complete and they are required to provide at once all the information (text, images, videos, links) that would be needed for the site. We may not accept any additional information after this, except where corrections are to be made on the content of the site.
  2. The framework for all the websites in the offer will be WordPress including the themes and plugins.
  3. Every organisation we approve to build a website for will be responsible for their domain name registration, web hosting, email services and SSL certificate procurement. If any organisation needs help in this regard, we will be glad to help.  You may find this link useful – https://www.web4sdgs.com/webhosting/.
  4. Where an organisation opt for a free SSL certificate, we will configure “Let’s Encrypt SSL” for the website.
  5. Every approved website will be placed on the queue and attended to on “first-come-first-served” basis, as a result of limited personnel.
  6. Every approved website may take about four weeks to complete. Where this is not feasible, the organisation will be contacted.
  7. The delivery date of a website may change if there is a delay by the organisation, in supplying some contents needed for the site.
  8. Outside the Home, About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Store pages, this offer is limited to extra 8 pages and 4 blog posts. Where an organisation requires more pages or blog posts, it may attract some cost.
  9. We use the following tools which would not override an organisation’s preference – MailChimp for newsletter; Tawk.to for online chat; GetSiteControl for popups; Disqus for comment management; Paystack & Flutterwave for payment processing; Akismet for spam control; Norton Websafe for search authentication; WooCommerce for online store; Gravatar for avatar; AddThis for social media share/follow. Where an organisation require a premium version of these plugins, the organisation will be responsible for the cost implication.
  10. During the development stage, the website will be placed on “Coming Soon” while the organisation is given access to the back-end of the site to monitor the progress of the site design.
  11. The websites will be registered with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, Norton WebSafe, Akismet, Jetpack, Google MyBusiness, Google Recaptcha for site optimization and security.
  12. At the completion of the website, the organisation will be give the login details of all the assets used for the site and they would be required to change in as soon as possible. After the handing over of the login details, we will not be responsible for any security breach.
  13. We shall train the organisation’s representative on our to update the site and also provide 1-month after-delivery support to the site. In an organisation needs an extension of the support, we will be glad to discuss that with them.
  14. The link “Designed by Web4SDGs” pointing to www.web4SDGs.com  shall be placed at the bottom right of the website.
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